Welcome to the store of Alliance! We are collection of minecraft servers that host uhc (ultrahardcore) matches for the general public. 

Unfortunately, minecraft servers do not run for free. By contributing to the server you help us pay the bills and possibly expand into other regions in the future. Donations and their perks carry across all our minecraft servers, once you have your rank on one server it will work on the rest of our servers. All donation ranks are lifetime.

Connect to our minecraft servers using the following IPs:

  • ny.allianceuhc.tk (new york city, new york, usa)
  • eu.allianceuhc.tk (frankfurt, germany) (coming soon)

Join us on Discord!

All payments are processed by paypal only.

If you have any queries or issues related to payments contact us on twitter, contact an admin on discord or send me an email @ 'keelan@keeland.space'.